How can I cover a tree in lights? In the middle of nowhere?
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What's the best way to string a tree with Christmas lights? Oh yeah, it's out in the middle of nowhere.

Right, so I want to cover a rather bare tree with some lights, but it's out in the middle of a forest. (here's a random picture that more or less illustrates my idea). In order to keep this relatively self sufficient, I'm thinking my only option is to utilize solar powered string/Christmas lights.

Has anyone ever used any/have any recommendations? Many of the results on Amazon suggest that some solar powered lights are woefully tiny.
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There are battery operated Christmas lights, although the ones I've linked to are rated for indoor use only.
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How about DC christmas lights- these seem to be outdoor approved (for boating).

You'd have to modify the power connector to connect directly to a battery. This battery would probably run the lights for ~24 hours. Or two strings for 12 hours. Maybe you could get a solar powered trickle charger?
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That's such a logical idea, solar powered outdoor xmas lights, why hasn't someone invented them?
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Look at LED lights from various sources. I have been converting my Xmas lights to LED over the last few years and am amazed at how little power they need. Both solar and battery are reasonable options.
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I saw solar powered christmas lights in the stores last week. Here are some on Amazon. Google around for more.
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The couple of times I've seen this done, it's been with length after length after length of extension cord. Which just gets buried in the snow so no one sees it unless they go looking.

But I love the idea of solar-powered lights!
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Response by poster: Ok, those are some great ideas - looks like battery/solar LED lights would be the way to go. Anyone have any experience with a specific product that they could recommend?
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Best answer: You might find this article on solar lights interesting.
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Response by poster: That's awesome, and is almost exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks TedW!
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