Help me name my dog business
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Help me name my dog business, mostly training, maybe also a boarding kennel, a store... I also do a lot of volunteer work and fostering for rescue groups.

I had an idea, but someone else thought of it first... now I'm totally out of ideas.
I want the name to include 'K9'.
Most people suggest using my name... "Sara Jones Dog Training"... but I am going thru a divorce and will have to change my name on everything. Someday I might get married again... maybe. So using my name is out.
I just need to pick something so I can design a logo, buy a domain and start making business cards.
Eventually I could buy a storefront and do some boarding and retail stuff... eventually. who knows?
green K9. Apple K9. hippo K9. london k9. hotdog k9... cowboy boot k9... a non sequitur that would grab your attention? funny ideas anyone?

thanks so much for your help.
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Why K9?

Most of the local animal groups have catchy names:
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Pawsitive Dog Training
Wag the Dog Training
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K Through 9 (a riff on "K through 3" schools)

K9,10,11 (we go beyond just K9)

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Sara K. Nine's
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Response by poster: 'K9' often refers to a working dog.
I have experience training working dogs... search and rescue, detection, police dogs, etc... but basic obedience and pet training and education is important too. Its bread-and-butter stuff to my schutzhund and working dogs.
and I just like the term K9.
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Kay Nineties
K9 Shrine
Fine K9
K9 By Design
K9 Valentine
Cloud K9
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My dogwalker is K9 Safari, which is nice. Something along those lines - K9 Adventure, K9 Academy - or even something simple like K9+ might be good.
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Proof Pawsitive
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Dogue for the store. Doggedly.
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number one kay nine
operation: k9
k9 kare
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Do you live in a region with a distinct demographic or branding? For example, I'm in Pittsburgh, so something like the "Three Rivers K-9 Academy" would work well here. So instead of your name, think of your city?
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With a business that relies heavily on word-of-mouth and may have relatively relatively infrequent contact with its clientèle, I think that informative and easy to remember beats out catchy and clever. A "does what it says on the tin" sort of name.

For example, we just finished basic obedience with our new pound pup, and one of the reasons I picked the school we went to is that I remembered seeing their obedience club in a parade a few years back, as well as seeing some of their outdoor, off-lead classes in a park back in 2004 or so. That was the full extent of my experience with them, and yet I could easily remember the name and Google them because that name was "[Town] Dog Training."
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There's a really expensive, fancy elementary school in my area called Park Tudor. I have always appreciated that the dog school down the road named itself Bark Tudor. I think a similarly clever/local name.
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... would be similarly appreciated.
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I am bad at remembering things sometimes - if you go too non sequitur, like drlith said you might have word of mouth problems.

What about K-Nine, or K. Nine? Easy to remember, you could probably get a cute logo for that pretty easily. Domain will be tougher, but is open right now and fairly easy to remember.

I would write down a million ideas and then go back through and refine them.
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A friend has a dog training business, and she says she gets about half her custom from people who have seen her sign-written vehicle.

If your business is likely to be similar, you might be best with a name that people will remember (and remember how to spell) from the time they see your car until whenever they get round to Googling you.

(Name of area) Dog Training would certainly do the trick. Would your bread and butter customers work out what "K9" means? If they just see it as a random letter/number combination then they won't remember it.

Also, if your domain name is actually a search term that people type in when they're looking for local dog trainers, you're onto a winner. Google can help you work out which search terms are popular.
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Serious K-9s.

(Serious ==> Sirius [the Dog Star, of course]; Serious K-9s ==> Star Dogs. But also, 'Sirius' to 'Serious' is the same sort of transformation as 'canines' to 'K-9s'.)

And you are serious about some pretty serious canines.
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Then your business card could be midnight blue with a ghostly dog superimposed over a representation of the constellation Canis Major, emphasizing a blazing blue Sirius. Only purists of the most pedantic stripe would object if you made the star your dog's eye rather than his nose, I'd imagine.
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