Winter trips?
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WinterBreak filter: I am a student on the east coast. What awesome, cheap and educational things can I do this winter break? Big factor: must be somewhere warm down south.

I am a landscape architecture student interested in urban design. I was hoping to do a winter study abroad in Mexico, however, they are all prohibitively expensive even with a scholarship. ($4 grand for 1.5 weeks) I was revved up to go to this trip thinking I'd get a hefty scholarship, unfortunately, this was not the case.

I have never been south of Florida and would love to do something like design/build or just educational in general. I don't speak Spanish and I don't have a lot of money but I do have a serious case of the travel bug.

What programs or activities do you recommend? Hopefully it's not too late to apply to some things....
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Learn Spanish.
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Hmm well dont go to south florida. My grandparents live there and I have been there nonstop every 2 years .Its just casino's restaurants and beaches . with some everglades tours thrown in for good measure.

You might be able to get a reef tour there as well.
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Charleston, SC is chock-full of history, and is one of America's earliest planned cities. It might be a bit chilly for you in December though, depending on how warm you're looking for.

You might also be interested in some of the backstage tours at Disney World. It's probably interesting to see how a facility that large actually operates. Maybe not exactly urban planning, but similar. More info here if you're interested.
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