Epic chestnut desserts OR a translation from Hungarian?
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Awesome recipes for a chestnut dessert OR help muddling through this Hungarian recipe OR access to the cookbook Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts...

I want to contribute an awesome dessert to a party for a friend, and chestnuts are in season now. I know how to roast them now, etc. etc., but I'm having trouble finding an epic dessert. You see, I've had my hopes raised by this cookbook of my sister's (which neither of us has access to at the moment).

I've browsed the index for it on Amazon and there are 2 recipes listed for chestnuts, one called "gesztenye szelet" or "chestnut slices." The images in a google image search are exactly what i want, however, if I search for a recipe, Google translation can only mangle the Hungarian results (a tray of fried noodles?? wha?)

While I would prefer to figure out how to make this gesztenye szelet, I'd welcome any other similarly epic recipes, preferably European pastries, cakes, pies, or tarts. Did I mention it should have lots of cream too?
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Best answer: I have the Kaffeehaus cookbook. I can email you the recipe in about an hour or two if no one else posts it.
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I'll translate the Hungarian one tomorrow, so check back here.
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I'm sure YOU know, but as a warning to others who may run across this thread: horse chestnuts are not edible. They are poison.

It seems like every fall people get stoked when the neighborhood horse chestnut starts dropping its fruits. And every fall I drag out Tycho From Penny Arcade's Brush With Horse Chestnut Death.
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The recipe seems to be for a chiffon cake, where they've substituted chestnut puree for most of the flour, filled with a rum-chestnut buttercream. There are plenty of basic recipes for chiffons and buttercreams out there if you feel like experimenting.

If you just want a recipe, though, here are some from the BBC.
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Hi artifarce -- check your memail.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone and especially scody!

(I sure hope the farmer's market didn't sell me horse chestnuts! *shakes fist* Thank you, ErikaB, for that amusing link)
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Best answer: When I think epic chestnut dessert, I think gesztenyés alagút - chestnut tunnel. A simple one can just be a layer of chestnut puree surrounded by ground semi-sweet crumb crust (see here), more complicated variations make the crust surrounding the chestnut puree out of sponge cake, which is then coated with chocolate (see here). Let me know if you want either of these recipes translated. My aunt makes something like the second one, and I like it because it really focuses on the taste of the chestnut.
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Response by poster: tpmops, that second link is beautiful! I'll save the recipe to come back to, but don't worry about a translation. Thank you.
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I don't know how anyone could choke down a horse chestnut. As a kid I used to play with them because of their beautiful glossy brown color, but when cut open, their mere odor was tremendously bitter. Edible chestnuts are called sweet chestnuts for a reason (not confused with candied chestnuts, a gourmet food phenomenon).
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I am actually having trouble with two phrases in the Hungarian recipe which I fear might ruin it if handled poorly. So I will ask a friend and try to post it later.
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Response by poster: I still have my chestnuts (roasted and peeled) but the original situation changed (won't go into details). When I use them I'll be happy to post a picture if it turns out. Thanks for the help!
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