Where to board the French soul train?
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Where can I dance the soulful night away in Paris?

I'm currently living an hour or so outside of Paris. I recently left Minneapolis and with it a wonderful soul dance night which I regularly attended. Only records were played (and rare ones at that), but I would be satisfied with popular soul/funk/motown.

I would love to get my soul on while in France, if possible. I won't be here forever but I need my fix. Any soul nights in Paris or other parts of France?

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Best answer: Well, no one's jumped on this, and I don't really know for sure, but -- when I was in Paris several years ago, I stumbled upon an American soul food joint run by expats. I would imagine that such a place would not only have tasty food (YUM) but might also play host to people who know about whatever sort of scene there is around other African American cultural sorts of things in the area.

I have no idea how accurate this IgoUgo thing is, but perhaps it's a starting point? The place I happened upon is not on that list, and may very well be gone, but it was on Rue Rodier, near the Woodstock Hostel & the Perfect Hotel -- Bojangles.
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