What would be the best way of going about telling people about a project I've been working on?
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What would be the best way of going about telling people about a project I've been working on?

So I've put together (and am self-hosting, which was WAY harder than I though it would be) a website that's supposed to be a sort of computer site for non-computer people. It's using Vanilla (and I'm working on a wiki with possibly Doku) and I'm trying to make it easy for non-tech people (e.g uncluttered, simple interface, etc) to ask questions or find advice or information. And also, of course, for techies to give advice or help (or ask for some.) Anyway, my biggest issue now is no users. So what would be the best way of getting the word out? I've told a few people, but they aren't likely to go using it straight away, or even remember it on Wednesday.

Also, skywriting has been ruled out.
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This being your very first question, and likely most-involved interaction with the MetaFilter domain to date, it is likely you overlooked the 'Projects' subsite. The idea being, mefites post cool links on 'the blue' but aren't allowed to post links to their own cool sites, stuff they've worked on, friends' stuff, etc. So Projects is where mefites post links to their own projects. If another mefite is enamored enough of it, they can choose to forward your project to the front page of MeFi.

So post your site to Projects.
and read the FAQ and the posting Guidelines and check out the Wiki too if you want.
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Mod note: Removed the link to the site. Asking about strategies is okay, dumping the link in here is not. You're welcome to stick it on your profile page.
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I did some google adwords at one point. They aren't that expensive and if you set your budget wisely you don't get hit with a lot of hits on day one and blow your budget. But then my keywords are cheap. I got a few dozen extra hits a day, and I presume some of those people stick around for the long haul.

You might also just look into marketing books at the library.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the help on proper posting, I was afraid I'd do something like that. I'll try to do better next time. I didn't think I broke the FAQ/Guidelines section, but I just looked over them and turns out I didn't read them throughly. Sorry 'bout that!
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It might be worth asking local libraries to put up some information about the site - that might reach your target audience and would probably cost very little if anything. You could also think about places where the people your site is aimed at would gather (church / parent and child groups?) and ask if they would mind putting up or passing out information.
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Laura_J has it. Your local library/libraries probably send out bulletins -- I e-mail the branch librarians when I have information about my local history group, and they will put up flyers, include us in their calendars, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks Laura_J! I hadn't though of that, but my local library would be an ideal place to present information. I guess local bulletin boards would also work.

And I still feel foolish for breaking the the rules.
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