Classroom games?
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Looking for classroom game resources (Especially for kids ages 5-7)

I'm teaching a bunch of kindergarten/first grade/second grade ESL classes. I have some good materials in terms of teaching grammar, phonics and writing skills, and I could use some games to break those parts of the class up. Any good resources on that front? (Books, websites, etc)

I value quality over quantity; I'm fairly overwhelmed with many of these website resources that offer 500 relatively useless games.
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I've used the starfall website with some success.

I would agree about the quality over quantity, since you'll have to teach the kids how to use the games. Is that the concern you had, or just find quality materials that will withstand being used by kids? If it is the latter, I just bought a bunch of games and game boards for my classroom from the thrift store. I work with slightly older kids, but I did get some games that have dice with letters that you roll and try to make words that would be appropriate for that age level. Anyway, they were only 50cents a piece so worth it in my opinion.

I got a lot of helpful suggestions on games from the book, Words their Way. You have to make your own word cards and gameboards (the forms are in the back of the book), but it is nice that you can tailor it to exactly what you are working on in class. And the game boards are designed to be reusable if in a couple weeks you are working on a new set of words.

Are you looking primarily for board games? I do a lot of 10 minute games in my class that are whole group. One example is spelling Sparkle.
I also do simple games at least once a day with a reading ball that I toss around. Everyone stands up and when the person gets a ball they have to answer a question about what we just learned, if they get it right they are still in the game, if they don't they have to sit down.
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Here's the link to my son's school's computer lab page.

There are only a few that I have experience with. However, the fact that the school is using these pages suggests to me that they are worth checking out. Some of those that I think might be helpful to you are a couple in row 16 column D, Beginning Punctuation in 17C, and Language Arts Practice in 13D.
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Learn to Read Free
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Response by poster: I wasn't necessarily looking for board games (though those are good too); things like Sparkle are about right - classroom style games for reviewing material and just relaxing the pace a bit. In terms of quality, I meant games that have been classroom tested and the kinks worked out. Some of the 'english games' websites have games that look kind of terrible, and so many games that it's all but impossible to find good ones.

Computer games are nice for out-of-class play, but I need things that a large group of kids can crowd around and play together.
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