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Are there any really slick sites for entering and keeping track of vehicle repairs and maintenance?

I maintain all of our vehicles myself, and I'm looking for an intuitive way to keep track of things like the date and mileage of repairs, what parts were used, cost of each part, notes, etc. Ideally I'd like to be able to enter additional information like future maintenance intervals.

I know of a few sites like this, namely Your Garage Online, but they're all a bit lacking. Suggestions?
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Have you checked out Repair Pal?
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Not exactly a website, but ive found that Microsoft OneNote helps me out a lot. I have a simple page per vehicle to record what ive done, and sometimes set up email reminders that link to the page to remind me to do things, or to remember to record things before I forget!

The problem is any system like this is only as good as the data entered into it, which tends to be lacking on my end.. by the time I remember to enter info, ive forgotten details.
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I've never found any maintenance site that I like, and I always end up reverting back to my spreadsheet.
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Response by poster: I guess there's just not a big enough market for someone to put a whole lot of effort into building a site like this. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'll probably be sticking with my spreadsheet as well.
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I haven't tried it but there's Driver Side.
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