Live streaming of NHL play-by-play?
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It's Hockey Season! I'd like to be able to listen to as many games as possible online. I'm looking for the radio stations that carry the NHL games, and hopefully have online streams!

For example, every single Vancouver Canucks game is carried by Team 1040, and they stream live. Even better, they have a streaming url I can pull out and listen to using VLC.

I'm trying to find the stations and streams for each of the other 29 NHL teams, if they exist. Of course, I could spend time on google and try and figure this out, but I figure mefi hockey fans might know off hand which local radio stations carry the games, just like I know Vancouver's.

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CJAD streams Habs in English, CKAC in French.
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Live streaming of FAN 960 for the Calgary Flames is here.
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Pens games are on 105.9, WXDX.
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All the Carolina Hurricanes games are on 99.9 The Fan, live stream link at the site.
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All you need to do is visit each teams site and then bookmark their radio stream.

Example: visit - in the next game box there is always information about how it's being broadcast, e.g. LIVE ON CSN-DC(HD) Radio: Caps Radio 1500

Every single team does this. Use the NHL.COM network bar at the top to quickly navigate between the team sites.
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Canucks games are generally on Team1040.
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Nashville games are on 102.9 The Buzz this year but yeah, streams are usually linked from the team's website.
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Chicago Blackhawks, hmm, didn't they win something last year?, are typically on WGN-AM, and occasional WBBM-AM. When in doubt, I would think has details by team.
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Oh brilliant - I didn't even think about checking That should've been obvious. Thanks everyone!
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Your results may vary, as I have looked for Wild games online, and the radio sites often have to do alternative programming for the web, as they sometimes aren't legally allowed to broadcast their sports coverage over the web. Team sites should have it though.
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