MAT Test...what to watch for?
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I'm taking the MAT (Miller Analogies test) today. Any mefites give me some pointers or at least some idea what to expect?
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I took this test as an alternative to the GRE. I took several practice GRE tests and found the MAT much, much easier. It helped me to deconstruct the words sometimes, count the letters sometimes, spell them backwards, etc to see if the analogies worked. It's not always a definition that matches. Try to make a sentence out of the first pair of words and then repeat the sentence exactly using the second pair and see if it makes sense. It's also a much quicker test than the GRE. If I recall it's just 100 analogies, is that correct?
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Response by poster: yup....taking this to get into Library school. The GRE has math and stuff, and as we all know, "math is hard".

So you're saying that sometimes it's the lengths of the words that are analgous, not the meanings?
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It's been a while, so I can't remember exactly, I don't think the length of the word, etc was the analogy, but sometimes looking at each word from all different angles helped me see things that I might have missed by just reading it quickly.
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OK. Count me confused. If the length of the word is not related to the analogy, then how does counting the letters, spelling them backwards, help to see if the analogy worked?
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wow, i commend you on taking a test of 100 analogies. i just took the GRE and i'm honestly terrible at math but wound up doing BETTER on the math than verbal section (i have no clue how that happened). analogies are KILLER for me!
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