Best of Youth?
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I recently saw the first half of Best of Youth, and only the first half (the second half was sold out). I have to see the second half, it has lingered in my head, and by the time it is out on DVD in the US I will have lost interest, I'm sure. Any ways of getting my hands on a subtitled version of this movie? Help!

I really only need the second half. The IMDB board wasn't any help. Even if the Spanish DVD also has english subtitles, I can't read the site so how can I order, really? Know of any torrents of the film? Anyone willing to sell me a VCD? Anything?
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Official US site and some more info here and here.

Looks like it closed in NY last week(subscription)

You could go back home.
I couldn't find a torrent file but I'm not so good on that front.
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oh sorry...I see now you want subtitled one....anyway I couldn't find it on DVD in UK which had released it in theatres 8 months earlier.
Yeah..I'm not much help I'm afraid.
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Maybe I wasn't clear, I have already seen the first part of this movie in it's NY run. I know what the movie is about, I'm interested in getting a copy of the film, only the second half, really.
posted by scazza at 8:35 AM on March 24, 2005 were brain is a different matter entirely. Good thing it wasn't a bomb defusing manual that I was 'reading'. Apologies. Good luck...I sense you need the services of someone who is fluent in Italian to sift for a legal copy.
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