Fellow 4-eyed geeks, I need your help finding glasses
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Please help me find more glasses like these.

I particularly like the slightly roundish frame, the keyhole-shaped nose bridge and the two-tone brown and clear colour combination. I've found many other acetate frames that have either the right shape or the right colour combination but not both features together.

Also, I prefer thinner acetate frames rather than the thicker, bold ones which seem to be popular at the moment.

These are almost right, except they're men's frames, the frame is a bit too thick and don't ship outside the US.

It'd be great to have some more options up my sleeve in case the pair from LA Eyeworks are the wrong size or don't ship to Australia.

I've checked all the links on this previously awesome question as well, but no luck.

Please help!
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Buying glasses online is hard because the frames that look good sitting on a white background often look weird when you actually get them on your face. Some frames just don't work with some faces. Anyway, glasses like that shouldn't be too hard to find if you go to a funky eyewear store. I don't know if you have those in Australia, but in the US there are at least a couple shops that sell frames like this in most larger cities.
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Try Shuron's Ronsir line.
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