Digitizing vinyl in Toronto. Help! :)
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Digitizing vinyl in Toronto... Anyone know? :)

So I have an old (?) 45 RPM single that I'd like to get digitized. Actually, I only need one track/side of it. I work in downtown Toronto, right near MuchMusic (between University and Spadina on Queen St. W).

Any idea of a store or service that can do this for me for a reasonable rate? :)

Thanks in advance!
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hello fellow vinyl-lover!

You could try Planet of Sound (263 Queen St E) - they provide this service for LPs, so I'm sure they could do a 45. It's not cheap, but they do a great job, and I'm sure you could work out a rate for only one side of the 45. Ask for Gunnar!
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Do you have a computer with a sound card and an LP player? If so, you can do this for free in about fifteen minutes. All you need to do is hook your stereo up to the line-in on your sound card, start Audacity (a free download), hit record, and play the 45.
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Try www.playderecord.com on Yonge St. They may do it, but I'm not sure.
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