No Halloween costumes without irony.
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Please help me find the perfect costume for my toddler-aged son. Difficulty: either a clever or very original concept, cuteness, must top last year's Baby Einstein.

I'm figuring that this is the last time my 20 month old will be opinion-less about his Halloween costume, so I want to make the most of it. Plus this is a really cute pudgy, walking and jabbering stage and there has to be something out there that is both pretty clever and adorable for a little boy.

The whole family has a warped sense of humor so most anything that's not offensive will be considered. I'm looking for the kind of fun ideas I seemed to always have when I was childless, and now am too frazzled to think of.

Other requirements: not too obscure to be entertaining; nothing uncomfortable or hard to walk in; no masks.
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Last year I had friends that dressed their toddler as an octopus. The parent dressed as a sushi chef with a big fake knife.
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Robert Pattinson in twilight.
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Best answer: Your son has the perfect cheeks to be Vito Corleone.
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Winston Churchill.
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Best answer: This veggie noodle bowl costume was just linked to on Regretsy and I think it's pretty great.
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Toddler Yodas are always hilarious.
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Someone asked a question a couple years ago about making his kid a Mr. Messy costume, and I thought it was the coolest idea ever.

If you want to stick in the distinguished persons genre, though, I suggest toddler Ben Franklin, toddler John Lennon, or toddler Ernest Hemingway.

(And anyone out there with a bald baby should seriously consider baby Gorbachev this Halloween.)
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Sock monkey!!

I'm currently trying to convince my 4-year-old nephew to be Curious George. His dad would be, of course, the Man in the Yellow Hat.
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Best answer: I saw a really cute mom/baby a couple years back. The mom was dressed as a mauled boy scout, and the baby was in a fuzzy leopard outfit with ears. This could easily work with a toddler sized teddy bear romper and a boy scout shirt from a thrift store.
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Last year my 3 yo was this and it was cute cute cute. And really easy, too.
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I've been wanting one of these Brain Slugs from Futurama for a while. It would be really easy to make a Fry costume for your little guy, and his adorable babbling would just be a result of the brain slug's mind control.
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When our daughter was that age, we dressed her as a Beatnik. Black turtleneck and pants; beret (of course); drew on a goatee and thin mustache; plastic cigarette holder (and fake cigarette firmly glued into it). She "carried" an old copy of On the Road (just an old paperback - we didn't make a scroll) and bongos. Then, when she fell asleep in her stroller, we put a red checked tablecloth across the tray attachment, and added a straw-covered bottle of chianti with a drip-wax candle in it (I made a tissue paper flame).
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I had one more thought - Scout's ham costume from To Kill a Mockingbird?

(confession: This is what I'd love to go as, but as a lunch lady in a grades 1-6 school, I think I'll get a better reaction as Nanny McPhee this year)
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Okay, sorry to pile on - you could make a ham costume from foam or felt so it's not hard or uncomfortable to walk in, with a hole for the face, and just ham is funny even if someone doesn't get the literary reference.
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I just saw a photo of a kiddo dressed as a lobster with the parent dressed as a chef, and had to revisit this thread. It was pretty adorable, and also slightly macabre if you think about it too hard.
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