VIRAL video party... it's gonna be SICK
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My friends and I are throwing a Viral YouTube Videos party. Looking for your favorite videos, and any suggestions for snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks, decorations, and activities.

All food needs to be pre-prepared and not terribly expensive -- so far we've thought of diet coke and mentos, (Charlie bit my) finger cookies, some sort of (double) rainbow cookies or candy... Real food would be good, too.
Activities should be appropriate for college-age kids, and should be the kind of thing you can come and go from. We will have a large projection screen to show videos with low or no sound, and live music. We were also considering have a slideshow of viral video trivia, movie theater style.
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Best answer: cinnamon Rick-rolls
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Please tell me someone will be bringing a plate o' beans.
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opulence you should has it...

I mean, find some gold foil and cover stuff in it (your remote for instance)... and if you can find one, a small stuffed giraffe, and a poker table with stuffed dogs. I think he's eating grapes?
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You should play the old StSanders "shreds" videos.
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Make a cookie in the shape of Britney Spears. Demand that it be left alone in your most dramatic, whiny voice. Mascara would help.
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Set up a pull up bar. Play the "guys doing pull ups while hanging from a crane" video. Ask partygoers to replicate the exact number and style of pull ups.
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Cardboard boxes with eye slits covered in foil so people can be Daft Bodies?

A candy mountain with unicorn-, liopleurodon-, and kidney-shaped cookies?

A fake weapon for the attendees to awkwardly swing around in front of the screen?

This song in the playlist?

Though I may be showing my age - those happened, like, 4 years ago. I'd say you should be directly asking college-age kids in the target population, because they'll know what's making the rounds in their social circles. I'm not that far out of school, but I have no idea what the kids are watching these days.

Also, just because something went viral doesn't mean everyone knows what it is. So maybe have a laptop handy so you can explain some of the memes and so people can show off their favorites?
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How about a Viral Video Film School marathon?
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Battle at Kruger - serve with buffalo wings or animal crackers.
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Miss Tandi Dupree
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Hors Cycles

Motocross "training"
mildly NSFW (men in thongs with whips)
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Best answer: For an activity, maybe make your own lolcats? You could post pictures and compare responses.
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Benny Lava

Serve buns to bite, obviously.
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Also, you should check out Know Your Meme for good video ideas. My personal favorite viral video is Winnebago Man.
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Could you... serve a giant fish? And then eat its brains out?
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Best answer: Serve Chocolate Rain.
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Fuck, well I suck for not reading properly.

How about, Dramatic Chip...s Ahoy?
Something made with almond Bark...bark...bark
A "walk a room in my shoes" activity where you have to wear another person's shoes across the room blindfolded.
As with the Kangaroo video, have periods each hour where that video is shown and for the next minute you are free to steal someone else's food!
When the exercise ball backflip video comes on, anything you're eating that is shaped like a ball (melon balls/m&m's/malted balls/peanuts) has to be flipped up into the air and caught in your mouth.
When the down stairs with style video comes on, everybody has to freeze in their position. Last person still moving has to take their shoes off and go down stairs with style (they can make up their own style).
For the parking like a boss video - If you have a computer chair with wheels, and you have a driveway, I'm sure fun things will work themselves out.
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Hot Drinks
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Best answer: For a pretty good list of viral internet videos (among other things): "Greg Rutter's definitive list of the 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet unless you're a loser or old or something"

Just looking down the list: pork chop sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti, (homemade) powerthirst?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far. Please keep them coming!

I guess I should have been a little clearer in my question. This party will be thrown by a college-recognized group (so all videos must be more or less free of sexually explicit content or other really "offensive" stuff) and will be open to all students. Because it is dry and will be located in the same area as other parties, most people will probably come for half an hour or so and leave, so activities should work for this kind of setting (the LOLcat idea was perfect -- we love it!)
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slapchop salad - or boring/not-boring tuna ?
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