Chocolate Milk without added sugar
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Late last year on a visit to Montreal, I purchased some chocolate milk that did not have any added sugar or sweeteners. It was awesome. Since coming back to the US (bay area) I have not found a chocolate milk that is free of the added sweeteners. I have tried whole foods, Berkeley bowl, trader joes and safeway. Any idea what brand I got in Montreal and where I can find something similar here?
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Can you remember anything about the box or what kind of store you bought it in?
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If you cannot find the brand it might work to get some unsweetened cocoa powder from a grocery store and mix it with milk. If you warm the milk first it will help the powder to dissolve...then you could always cool it afterwards in the fridge.
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A variation on the cocoa powder suggestion is to mix the powder with just enough HOT water to fully dissolve the powder, then add to milk and you will avoid lumps without heating up the milk much.
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Response by poster: It was either Marché Lobo or some random IGA I came across downtown.
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Seconding metahawk's comment here. Cocoa powder has fat in it (from the cocoa butter), and ain't no way cold milk is going to dissolve that fat. Use a little hot water to make a cocoa slurry, then mix in your milk. That's how I make single servings of hot chocolate.

I'm not sure how good it's going to taste without any added sugar, however. Personally, milk doesn't have enough sweetness by itself to do it for me. But cocoa is cheap, and milk is relatively inexpensive, so experiment away!
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Alton Brown's recipe for Coca Syrup. You can adjust the amount of sweetness to get it right where you want it.
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Whoops That's cocoa not coca
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Is there any chance it was unsweetened chocolate almond milk, or are you certain it was cow's milk?
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In Australia you can get something called Nesquick - it comes in banana, strawberry, chocolate, and I forget what others. Couple lf teaspoons of it mixed into fresh cold milk makes for some ymmy flavored milk that isn't has gluggy or sweet as regular store bought chocolate milk.
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You could always do this. I just had a hot chocolate that was made with melted chocolate and they steamed milk in it to combine it. You can do that and chill it i guess.
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What do you mean by added sweeteners? Was the beverage bitter, or was it sweet? Chocolate without added sweeteners is quite bitter, so if the beverage was sweet, that means there were sweeteners added somewhere (to the chocolate, if not the milk). If it was bitter, then perhaps not. This matters because there are at least two strands of suggestions here for making an ersatz version that make assumptions about whether your drink was sweet or bitter.
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Response by poster: > What do you mean by added sweeteners?

When looking at the ingredients list, sugar was not listed.
The beverage was not any sweeter than regular milk.
I guess it is possible that the chocolate had sugar mixed in it as part of the regular chocolate making process, but the drink itself was certainly not super sweet, like the chocolate milk you can usually find in a random supermarket.
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If it was not sweeter than regular milk, tasted substantially of chocolate, but was not bitter, then it was likely made with chocolate that had already been sweetened. That gives you a lot of possibilities for making an ersatz version, even if you can't find it. You could try just melting some semi-sweet chocolate, adding some unsweetened cocoa power to it until you get a sweet-neutral syrup, and then adding milk.
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