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Can anybody recommend a decent (but under £100) handheld scanner that I can use to scan in pictures from books?

Saw a pen type style called the ION copycat on something for the weekend (BBC2) but it got awful reviews so would like to spend my money on something that actually works well.
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It's over a 100 bucks, but an iphone's camera and the Jot Not app work awesomely.
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Piggybacking on uauage's answer, does it have to be a scanner? I use either my cell phone's 3.2 MP camera or my point and shoot Canon and import the images into a PDF. It's way quicker than scanning IMO.
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Any old cheap and nasty P&S camera should be more than adequate. Here's some from Newegg
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I was recently in a coffee shop and a guy sat down next to me and proceeded to pirate a copy of the Wall Street Journal with his camera phone.

I N'th the cheapo camera suggestion.
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