Tuned in, turned on, but dropped out.
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I’m looking for a USB media reader. One that is known to work with Mac OSX 10.6.

Here’s the problem. Any number of USB based card readers will randomly disconnect from the Mac with the admonishment that removing a device without properly ejecting it will earn the wrath of Steve Jobs. Since I don’t want that I want your experiences with external USB media readers. I would like one with as many types of media possible. Yes I ‘ve tried setting the drives to never sleep, but no love there. Hope me Obiwans.
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I have this one, and it doesn't disconnect from my Mac Pro running 10.6.4.
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Response by poster: I now have several devices such as cameras that have different cables and different memory cards. Instead of having a medusa of cables I am looking for a single card reader that will actually stay connected to the Mac OS instead of randomly "ejecting" the card. Thanks
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Are you sure it's not something up with the hardware of your Mac? USB has always Just Worked for me. Sandisk ImageMates or Extremes are decent.
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I have a several generic card readers (including this £3 one) which have always performed well on my Macbook.
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I've never had any card readers randomly disconnect. Frankly, there isn't enough brain power in those readers to do anything fancy. This sounds more like cabling or connector issues.
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I have an IOGEAR USB card reader for my camera that works perfectly for me (MBP running 10.6.4).

When I have had problems with cameras/card readers/etc. on USB, I've generally been running them through a hub; the power from the computer doesn't always provide enough for devices with no power of their own. If you're just running straight from the USB port to the card reader, it sounds like a hardware problem, as chairface suggested.
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Seconding cabling as a culprit here. Are you connecting through an unpowered hub? If so, try a powered hub or even directly connecting the reader to the computer (sans cable, if possible).

I had this exact problem with a USB reader and it went away as soon as I ditched the unpowered hub.
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I have the same one as the Admiral, and I've never had any problems.
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My Transcend Multi-Card Reader M3 and haven't had any issues with random disconnection.
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