Which Costco Hamburger Patties should I buy?
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What kind of frozen Costco hamburger patties do you like; and do you cook them frozen?

I typically buy fresh patties from Target but I'm wondering if I might be missing out on something better tasting and less costly from my favorite store - Costco.

And I just looked at Google, and it appears some people cook them frozen, which never occurred to me but I'd like to for convenience sake. However, it seems to me it would be hard to cook the inside of the burger without overcooking the outside.
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I cook them frozen both on the grill and in a pan. Never have a problem.
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We started cooking burgers frozen on the grill awhile back, and from what I can tell, there is no qualitative difference in doing so. I always cook on low heat, and I've never had a problem with overcooking the outside. I think that it defrosts so quickly over the heat that it cooks like you would a non-frozen burger.
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For frozen Costco burgers, I like the precooked "angus" ones. I usually just microwave them, but you can supposedly grill them or cook them in the pan too. I use them as a quick and easy substitute for a "real" burger, not instead of real burgers. I'm not really a fan of frozen regular patties; IMHO it doesn't seem that much more convenient than making patties from ground beef, and the result is never as good. If you can get preformed fresh patties, I'd think there's even less reason to go with the frozen ones. I really don't think you'll find the quality to be better with frozen. However, when I have used regular frozen patties, I've just always cooked them frozen and it's been fine.
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The Kirkland chuck patties are reliably tasty. The Kirkland sirloin patties.... well, they're as good as any thin sirloin patty is going to taste, but the low-fat nature of sirloin makes them bone dry. I'd steer clear of them unless you need to reduce fat for some reason. And yes, I always cook them frozen. Works under the broiler, in a pan, and on a grill.
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In the few instances I've bought frozen patties, I've bought Kirkland and have been very pleased. If memory serves me correctly, the packaging instructs you to not thaw them prior to cooking. As stated above, cook over low to medium heat (which you should be doing anyways) and you shouldn't have a problem.

They certainly taste good, although the frozen patties might have additives or preservatives in them that aren't found in fresh patties (you'd have to check the packaging).
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I always get the 1/3 lb Kirkland sirloin patties, but as ROTFL mentions, you have to watch that you don't dry them out. I'll have to try the chuck next time. And yes, always cook them frozen. I like having a sleeve of them in the freezer to throw on the grill anytime.

I've had the precooked ones from the in-store sample. Always quite vomituous.
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All the frozen patties I buy instruct to cook frozen. I do mine in pans, in the toaster oven, and on the grill, and they're always fine. The window between icy and well seems to be about 20 seconds, but it's the same on the edges and in the middle.

On a couple of occasions that I have, for whatever reason, let them thaw, they've seemed kind of soggy in the middle, and almost unflippable because they're so floppy.
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