Charger for a Zenith DVP615 DVD player
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Does anyone know of a place in the Los Angeles area where I can buy an AC power adapter/charger for a Zenith DVP615 portable DVD player?

There are plenty of options online, but we need it by Monday, so it seems that we've run out of time to order anything.
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You can always go to a Radio Shack and get an I-Go.
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One of the many Fry's Electronics in the area would be another good bet.
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I don't know what the exact requirements are, but All Electronics in Van Nuys might have what you need.
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I'm not sure how your electronics knowledge is, so forgive me if this is too verbose.

On your power adapter, there is a sticker. It says something like:
"Input: 120-240v AC"
"Output: 9V 2A DC"

I believe those are the correct numbers; I got them by searching eBay for an adapter and reading the label in the picture. The seller you linked shows a picture of the adapter which hides the label, because those numbers give you the key to finding a power supply to work.

Any power supply which can supply 9 volts (this number is non-negotiable) at 2 amps (a little less is OK, more is fine) will work for your DVD player. All you need then is the correct end plug. I won't guess at the size. The right way to check that sort of thing is to take it to the store and plug it in. If you go the route of buying a "universal" power adapter, these numbers will let you know if it matches.

I searched Frys and all I could find are those very expensive "universal" adapters. All Electronics lists one supply that is close -- it would probably work in a pinch, but I can't tell if the end is correct. All has a lot of stuff that's not listed on the site, though, so I would call them.

One trick that I've started using in Los Angeles is searching eBay and then limiting the search by area. If you search eBay for 9V adapter, and limit your search to 25 miles of 90210, you find these guys. If you search their site, BAM, they have 4 adapters that are all very close, if not exactly what you need. You can email them or call them or whatever, or use this same technique to find the dozen other companies selling similar adapters in the eBay area. Can sometimes be tricky to find their contact information, but they're out there.

this is my 1001st answer
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Hey, thanks! That was great detective work. I was able to send the guy an email here locally, and he'll let me swing by to pick one up.
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You're welcome!
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