Dressing down when dressing up.
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It's that time of year again... Help me find a Halloween costume!! [to fit my needs, of course!]

Howdy, folks.
So, this halloween I'll be going to a concert, and the girlfriend and I wanna dress up. Not necessarily in costume, be we do want to do something special. We need help with ideas.
Preferably, I'd like something that's still dressing up, but is as close to normal clothes as possible. The show is a semi-folk band, so I don't want to dress as if I was going to Demmu Borgir concert and stick out like a sore thumb.
I would be perfectly happy dressing in normal clothes from a different time period, though not too far back.
I would also be happy dressing in normal clothes from today's time period that I don't normally wear. Like this, for example. I would never normally wear that, but it's totally cute and it'd be fun to wear.
I was also thinking about doing something that's lightly steampunk. Nothing to extravagant, don't want to be burdened down at the show.

Suggest away!
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American gothic?
Dan Draper and his ex Betty?
Bonnie and Clyde dressed adorable (well, especially the Faye/Warren version)!

A lot of the ones I am thinking of are just cute old tymey costumes and you might be asked a lot who you are.
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Dress up like you're going to the opera, symphony, or other formal event.
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Yin and Yang? One goes in all white, the other in all black, put the opposite color dot on yourselves in felt or something? alternately, put the chinese characters in the opposite color on your backs, or opposite-colored koi? Preferably if you have corresponding hair shades to match, do as appropriate.
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