How to get licensed as a Citizen Arborist
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I recollect reading or hearing a story within the past year or so in which I learned that one can acquire a permit or license from the city (I think it was Philadelphia, my city, but it could have been another city) that allows one to perform the duties of what I would call a "citizen arborist", e.g., if a tree branch were to be busted by a passing vehicle, said citizen arborist would be empowered to perform proper pruning on the spot on said tree for the greater health and well-being of the tree and its neighborhood. I find this so appealing and want to see if I can get that license, but I'm not sure how to start?
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"Tree tenders", maybe?
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I think you were thinking of this New Yorker article on a program in NYC. Which does sound pretty cool.
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(referenced in this PDF, it suggests the tree tenders maintain city street trees, once they get a permit, although it isn't very obvious from the original page I linked.)
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It's not quite the same, but Casey Trees here in DC has something called its "Citizen Forester Program" to "educate District residents on how to properly care for trees and become urban forestry advocates for their neighborhoods." If you contact them, they may have more info on the sort of specific thing you're looking for.
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Yes! The "Timber!" New Yorker article was the one that got my imagination going. Thanks for that, and thanks for the other links, including the Tree Tenders program hosted by the PHS. I will make my inquiries and maybe I'll see you on the streets! Thanks, metafilter!
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