Crowdsourcing interior design?
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Is there a precedent/community for crowdsourcing interior design? Like many geeks, I lack the proper gifts, and wonder what resources could be thrown at it.

This is my first Ask, so feel free to gently slap me around if needed!
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I think ikeahacker might be something that fits into this.

It doesn't get your whole space decorated, but it does help you think of ways to upcycle that wine rack/book shelf/kitchen island or divide a gigantic studio apartment into usable chunks of space.
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Apartment Therapy. I haven't been there recently, but I used to hang out there and people were very generous and talented in helping others with decorating dilemmas.
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I would start off by taking a quiz that helps you figure out your interior design style. The one on Sproost is fun.

As for the crowdsourcing part, HGTV has a community called Rate My Space that seems pretty active. You could also try the forums on DecorPad or Curbly.
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Response by poster: STill learning the etiquette here, but just wanted to say Thanks everyone!
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