Any good parenting podcasts?
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I'm looking for a parenting podcast to listen to. One thing I'm looking for is how to deal with typical strong-willed 5-6 year-old behavior. Thanks

Several other podcasts that I listen to:
This American Life
Planet Money
A life Well Wasted
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If you're environmentally inclined, I just saw parentearth is now online.
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I don't know of any parenting podcasts but you can always sign up to try the community boards -- there are lots of parents there, in some ways it is like a hivemind for those with kids.
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You could try these on Collaborative Problem Solving:

Collaborative Problem Solving Radio

Interview with Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child
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You might like the Half Full Social Science for Raising Happy Kids with Christine Carter Ph.D podcast on iTunes.

Here are some videos with Christine Carter.

Christine Carter also has a few podcasts on parenting under Happiness Matters on iTunes.

Also, check out the Childhood Matters podcast on iTunes. Here is their website.

I am a regular listener of Leading Edge Parenting on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio. It's a good show and oftentimes there are great guests, like Alfie Kohn. The host can be long-winded at times and slow to get to the point. Some of the guests (only some) can be new-agey with stuff I don't generally don't believe in, such as Indigo children. Other than that it's a great show. There is something for everyone.

LeadingEdgeParenting website.
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