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I am a marketer/business-person and I want to transition into the health care industry. Help me talk like an insider at my next interview!

I have to be honest. The real reason I want transition into health care is because my girlfriend lives in a small town where the biggest employer is a hospital (there are a few hospitals in the area, actually). That is where the jobs are. I would like to reunite with her and get a job there. I have sort of a vague interest in the health care industry, but nothing concrete. Help me! What are some good things to say when asked why I want to work in health care? Thanks!
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What do you want to do in health care? If you just want to work on the marketing / administration end I don't think you really need to spin any BS about wanting to help sick people or whatever. It's a growing industry and you want a job, I think people will expect that.
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A hospital is the biggest employer in any small town. And many medium-sized towns, for that matter.

Hospitals need marketing people, and they often hire from outside the industry.

As to why people want to work in health care:

People enter the field because they want to help others.
They stay in the field because they like the challenge of constantly learning and growing.

The industry is constantly changing because of technology, and because of shifting regulations. And the health care bill sent that change into hyperdrive.

If you like change, like to learn, are resourceful and are willing to be flexible - health care is a industry.
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I work in the business side of health care, and if you are pursuing the business side of things - you really don't need to know much about medicine. Obviously know the difference between an ER and routine admission is, but the business side of a hospital is just that, business. A hospital is just a business that deals in sick people (sad but true). So to nail a job interview, google them and see recent news about it; then tailor your interview questions and resume to how can you help them solve their recent problems, growth, or whatever they are experiencing. It's one of the best fields to get in to now.
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I'm going to second what lpcxa0 said, but add this: Read up on The Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO). They are the biggest accrediting body for acute care hospitals in the United States. Find out what level accreditation the facility you want to work for has, it's a potential marketing tool if they aren't bragging about it already.
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You can always go on a series of informational interviews with people in the field to pick their brain. Health care has a rich history of people from other careers entering into the field.
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