How much video is recorded per year, at what speed is this number increasing?
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Does any group track the amount of video footage captured per time unit?

Searching for a source that would help answer the question "how many hours it would take to watch all video recorded in the last year or decade, ? Or prior years or decades?" Camera's are becoming more and more ubiquitous, (handheld single purpose video cameras, cell phones, professional cinematic camera's, CCTV, traffic lights, atms, etc.) Looking for statistics on the hours of footage captured by each or all of these groups as a function of time.

I'm aware that private video is an incredibly hard thing to track scientifically, but does anyone have a link to a related reference? I've found figures on the amount of you-tube uploads (in 2010, 20 hours uploaded every minute,) but wonder if there's anything that would include statistics from CCTV footage or the movie industry. Conjecture is less desirable then factual sources, even if only marginally related. I've searched for these figures hoping literature from video analysis software marketing would provide something but google-fu is failing me. Help me ask mefi you're my only hope! (R2D2 cameras....)
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