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I need help finding hip, funny, entertaining podcasts to download.

The only ones I've regularly listened to are the Ricky Gervais show and This American Life, so if you're willing to help, I'd say I like funny with some pop culture, and smart podcasts. Something to keep me entertained while I'm working out.
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I started with exactly those two podcasts, too. The Moth (stories from people that go on stage at live storytelling events) and Radiolab fit in pretty well with those.

Adam and Joe are on hiatus right now, but they're supposed to come back in November and their archives might be out there on the Internet. They've got a radio show rife with humor and pop culture - mostly British pop culture, which is interesting to me because I don't know much about it.
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You Look Nice Today. Two great starter episodes are "Truck Spank" and "Schadenfunny".

Also, Stop Podcasting Yourself and The Bugle are great. The Pipeline is also a very good interview program (but perhaps not exactly what you're looking for).
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try Too Beautiful To Live and Stop Podcasting Yourself. Shows that I haven't listened to yet but come highly recommended by people whose tastes are similar to mine are Never Not Funny and Comedy Death Ray.
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I love WTF with Marc Maron. It's funny and smart and ostensibly about interviewing comedians, but ends up being pretty neurotic and introspective and thoughtful.
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I enjoy Radio Lab. It's educational, but also often funny and entertaining.

I also think Fresh Air makes for good listening while I run. Of course, sometimes the interviews are very serious, but a good portion of the time, they're fun and I always learn plenty about current books, music, and films from the interviews.
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Oh, and if you like indie music, you could pick a podcast from WFMU (a long-running freeform radio station). There is a list of the options here. I like the "The Eternal Now with Andy Ortmann."
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Jordan Jesse Go! keeps me entertained on long bike rides. I also second Too Beautiful To Live (which took a while to grow on me, but to which I am now completely addicted) and Radio Lab.
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Seconding the Moth and Radiolab. You might also like Stuff You Should Know, educational and usually light and jokey.
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Risk! is a good one. It's similar to The Moth, but with themed episodes that include several stories.
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Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Another NPR show. It is a quiz show based on current events, and has some hilarious moments.
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People tend to love or hate CBC's Wiretap, which you can find for free on itunes. I happen to enjoy it quite a bit.

You can find out which side of the fence you fall on, and listen (or ignore) accordingly.
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I second CBC's Wiretap, & also 'Spark from CBC Radio'. 'Stuff You Should Know' is great too & has a bunch of spin-off casts. I also like 'Weird Worm', 'The Sporkful' & 'The Ethicist' - all weird & wonderful, tho maybe too short for workouts. These are all available on iTunes.

Also, if there are any TV series you particularly like, they usually have a podcast or two connected to them. For instance, when Battlestar Galactica was on, is was great to listen to Michael D. Moore's commentary after watching an episode, or listening to 'Galactic Watercooler' a fan-based podcast.
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nthing You Look Nice Today. Garrison Keillor's weekly monologue from A Prairie Home Companion is available as a podcast. I also love the BBC 4 Friday Night Comedy podcast. Sometimes I like Radiolab.
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I really like Uhh Yeah Dude, but I think some people really don't.

Seconding JJGO! as well.
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JJGo, YLNT and SPY are good fits with your enjoyment of Gervais. I love Wiretap to pieces, but you should be warned that it's much more a work of fiction than the others (characters play exaggerated versions of themselves), and that it may take a few episodes to get used to.

On TAL-like podcasts: Risk and The Moth recommended up thread are good choices. A long-since dormant radio storytelling series that's not often mentioned is The Peanut Gallery.
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In the realm of "funny", I like Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast. Some of the episodes can get in the weeds with comedians deconstructing their craft, but there's some really great, funny stuff in there as well.
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Radiolab Radiolab Radiolab Radiolab Radiolab!!!
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Car Talk is a Saturday show on NPR. Even if you're not into cars, this show is still a blast to listen too.
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Listen to*
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Cannot. Second. Radiolab. Hard. Enough.
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I like Risk!, but I wish it'd stick to the storytelling; recently it's started adding dreadfully unfunny skits in between the stories. Also: Kevin Allison needs to stop ego-padding it with his own stories.

I have found myself quite enjoying the Pop Culture Happy Hour installments of the NPR Culturetopia podcast.
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This one's a borderline call because (1) it's kinda weird and long, and (2) it might be ending. That said, many people on many of the podcasts listed above would recommend Tom Sharpling's The Best Show on WFMU.

To be honest, the only other unmentioned podcast I find humorous is NPR's All Songs Considered. I never would have expected it, but I find it funnier than Car Talk or Wait Wait... (shows I like but don't find funny and don't like respectively.)

From those listed above I listen to YLNT, JJGo, The Bugle, Stop Podcasting Yourself, The Moth, and Radiolab (which I'd sell to you as a TAL for science).
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There is also a new podcast like The Moth and Risk! called Story Story Night.
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Seconding Uhh Yeah Dude. It's all I listen to now.
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Just saw this and thought of this this thread, Splitsider runs what they term a "A Fairly Complete Guide to Comedy Podcasts".
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