Where is the Church Of The Sun giftshop?
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I'm in NYC. I need an Anti-Vampire T-Shirt by Saturday Morning. How can I do this?
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Glue a cross, or some garlic to one.
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Response by poster: I was thinking more slogans but a cross is an idea.
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Go to Neighborhoodies and they'll put whatever text you want on a shirt. They also have a limited selection of shapes (for example a heart ♥).

My sample text:

Yo Vampires, I'm happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Zombies are the best monsters of all time...of ALL TIME!
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The Vampire Freaks shop (189 Avenue A) should have a bunch of stuff with crosses on it. If not them then try Gothic Renaissance (108 4th Ave). Or, hell, just hit every t-shirt shop on 8th St. between 6th Ave and 2nd. You'll find something.
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Keep an eye out for a Sunnydale High School tshirt.
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It's Tuesday. Go to any POD site (I like Skreend, but they aren't local to you,) upload your custom graphics, put it on a shirt, pay for two-day shipping. You can have crosses AND a slogan, if you want.
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Don't forget to ring the collar with crosses. Just in case the pale bastards try to sneak up on you!

Slogan-wise, I've always been a fan of "No Oil For Blood! Fight the Robo-Vampiric Complex!"
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Boil a shirt in lots and lots of garlic, hang it out to dry -- do not rinse it -- and then put it on.
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No Fang Zone
Do I have a stake in my pants, or am I just happy to see you ?
My Blood Type is V Negative
Vampires Suck !

A set of fangs with the red circle and slash over them.
A picture of Christopher Lee " " "
A series of little vampire silhouettes crossed out ( think WWII planes)
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Searching for anti-vampire rights slogans yields some good ones, but perhaps too limited to their particular audience, with the exception of the cheeky, "Vampires Suck". That would make a fab T-Shirt.
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Best answer: Any decent craft store, or your neighborhood Staples/OfficeMax, will carry inkjet-printable iron-on T-shirt transfer paper. Acquire some of this paper, design a clever logo in MsPaint or Photoshop or whatever you've got, print, trim, iron onto a nice plain T, and you're good to go.
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You could get this shipped with next-day service...
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Best answer: As a nod to True Blood, you could go with "God Hates Fangs".
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Last time I was at a Borders book store, they had True Blood merchandise. Might check there for a t-shirt.
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Best answer: If you come up with your own design and print it in black & white, Pearl Paint on Canal will make you an "instant" silkscreen for printing on anything you want to print on (which will require ink and a squeegee, which you can also get at Pearl.) That's easiest with one color but you could also do multi-colors by separating them out.
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years ago, friend of mine supported himself for a summer selling shirts that said:

vampires aren't real
grow up
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Response by poster: So this is what you did

the Anti-Vampire t-shirts I made via transfer were:






they all ended up as giveaways
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Response by poster: Oh and THE T-SHIRT IN QUESTION
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