Recommendations on books/websites about website databases?
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Researching issues surrounding websites with a database backend. Would really appreciate some pointers to get started - any recommendations on books/websites about website databases?

A bit more detail about what I'm looking into:

* Need to look into the potential problems & issues - local internet problems, sites problems, database problems
* Ways to solve said problems - eg. multiple sites, clustering, replication

Being a relative database noob I have no idea where to start. If MeFi could recommend any useful websites or books that would be great!
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Can you give more information about what you're looking for? Are you going to be setting up a site? What kind of site? What will it do? On what scale? (The solutions you mention are all relatively high-end.) Or are you writing an article or something?
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Response by poster: @ expialidocious:
The aim I'm working towards is a short presentation. It will be a *very* general picture of the situation, looking at enterprise solutions.

I'm not experienced with databases, so I'm essentially looking for a newbies guide to the problems that could arise with enterprise databases and possible solutions; googling "database website problems" hasn't produced much relevant information!
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Best answer: OK, your question is a bit out of my range now. And the typical noob resources are not going to focus on the enterprise.

But one thing you might do is take a look at vendor case studies. MySQL, for example, has a collection of them. It's basically sales material, but it should give you an idea of what the problems are, and how these companies are pitching their products to solve them. Another place to look would be the specs of someone offering software-as-a-service, such as
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Response by poster: Cool, I'll have a look into those. Cheers buddy!
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