Ooops, it's apricot brandy, not schnapps
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I accidentally purchased a bottle of apricot brandy. It's not very good. In fact, it tastes pretty awful, even in cocktails. Any ideas on what else I can do with it?
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You can make a cake with it. It will taste far better than drinking that swill.
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Bury it in sangria.
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Deglaze pans with it? Especially chicken or duck.
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Throw it away. My experience has always been that flavors you don't like will surface no matter how determinedly you try to "bury" them. Never forget Julia Child's cardinal rule - if you wouldn't drink it, never, ever put it in anything you want to eat and enjoy. You learned your lesson; accept that and move on...
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Try it on vanilla ice-cream?
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Yes, don't go around ruining perfectly good food with it. Give it a try in coffee -- with a little sugar and cream -- but if it's still horrid there, just toss it. Life's too short, etcetera. Actually, don't toss it -- find your friendly neighbourhood wino or send it along on Freecycle.
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Put it in a pie crust for an apricot or peach tart/pie?
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I second the sangria suggestion. Cheap brandy is essential to good sangria. Don't know why it works, but it does.
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Mix a bit of it with apricot preserves and use it to glaze baked cornish game hens.
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I had a bottle of apricot brandy once. As I recall, it hung around for a couple of years until one night when I was extremely drunk and wanted to get still drunker, so I finished it off instead of wasting anything good on myself.
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In the north, we'd take that kind of thing ice fishing. Keeps you warm. Blackberry brandy would be more traditional, though.

Not that I recommend that. Use it for cruel tricks on dear friends.
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I've had this (Armenia) and don't like it either.

Here are some things to bake.
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Put it in a marinade for pork chops.
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Awesome drink called a 'Charlie Chaplin' in one of my Boston bartender books. Just mix one part each of apricot brandy, sloe gin, and lemon or lime juice, shake well with ice and strain.

It's nice, not too sweet and hopefully will solve your problem :)

Good luck!
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Two tablespoons in a batch of fruit ice cream (peach would be great) keeps the consistency creamy and tastes delicious!
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Try mixing it with tonic water. Some friend of my parents' makes this hideous peach brandy that makes you want to die when you drink it straight, but if you mix it with tonic it's delightful and refreshing.
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Fish House Punch is the best possible application for apricot brandy. It's a relatively minor component, so unless yours tastes of retsina, it's probably ok. I am optimistic.
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Add some spices and poach fruit in it. Then reduce the liquid down to caramel. I have done this with crap brandy and it was deeelicious.
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