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How can I give an interactive demo of my product on my website ? Can I host a remote access solution on my website which connects to my computer and allows user access only to a particular application, so that he can work with the product and feel it himself.

I do not want to give them download option for evaluation copies.
I want to give them remote access to my computer hosting the application.

Moreover, this should be time restricted, say maximum 1 hour remote access.

It should be secure i.e. only authorised, logged in users from my website will have access.

It should not require any human intervention, like telling a dynamically generated TeamViewer password to the website user over phone or email.

Is such a product demo solution available ? It should be easy to use.
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Our network guy actually showed me something like this a few weeks ago, but of course I don't remember what it's called. I'll ask him this week when I see him.
posted by niles at 10:22 PM on September 25, 2010

Oh really ? Please do share this with me. Can you give your email id so that I can remind you ?
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I presume a flash based demo that the user doesn't drive, but which still shows off your product's features and functionality, is out of the question?
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Well...I talked to him today, and (of course) he couldn't remember the name of it. I'll keep bugging him over the next few days to see if he can come up with it.
posted by niles at 2:26 PM on September 27, 2010

I ran across it again today! I was thinking of Here's some samples.
posted by niles at 10:14 PM on January 15, 2011

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