Please help me find the right watch
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Please help me find the right watch. (Details inside.)

I need a watch that I can wear 24/7 and use as an alarm clock. Style isn't important. My requirements are:

* Digital
* Tough
* A good alarm (strong or persistent enough to wake me) preferably with repeat and snooze
* Cheap (say, under $50)
* Metal case and strap (resin straps break on me very quickly)
* Long life battery /or solar
* Safe to wear in shower
* Decent night ligh

Other stuff, such as dual time, multiple alarms, etc., would be nice, but not at the cost of the features above.

I guess a Casio is most likely to fit the bill, but I believe many Casios have soft alarms.
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Dude, definitely keep an eye on - at least three or four times a week, they have typical "guy" watches (tons of features, relatively bulletproof), and they are ALWAYS very cheap. I'd never buy one myself, but that was the FIRST place I thought of.
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Casio G-Shock is probably the best watch there is for reliability, ruggedness (including water resistance), and features. Used by pilots and other active people. However, it's not metal.

Note though that a good metal case and strap are expensive, and if you get something cheap it may not be comfortable to wear, and could well have other problems.
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Right now, I'm wearing a Casio A168. It is metal, with a metal bracelet. It is water resistant enough to wear in the shower (I do sometimes without any problems). Its battery has lasted me over a year now with no sign of running down. It has a night light bright enough that I use it at night when I check on my kids, etc. rather than a flashlight. Its alarm is very loud (it's not a G-Shock, so that helps the alarm be louder. Thicker water resistance and shock resistance make for a softer alarm). I use it as my alarm every morning and it has never let me down.

It cost $12 when I bought it at Wal-Mart.
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2nding the G-Shock. Love mine. Had it for 5 years and haven't had a single problem.
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Had my G-Shock since '99. It's on its second battery. Loud alarm. It's a bit huge, though.
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Nthing G-Shock. The standard for digital watches IMHO. The are solar models now, too.
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