Where should I meet my family?
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TorontoFilter: Which subway station should I meet my family at?

My family will be in Toronto next Sunday, and will be visiting Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Afterword they will rendezvous with me around 3PM...somewhere.

It would be easiest for all involved to meet at a subway stop close to Mt. Pleasant, which narrows it down to either Davisville or St. Clair. Which of these choices would have the least traffic and the most options for coffee or a light lunch? The meal is more of a priority, though it must be said that both parents have a strong aversion to driving in the GTA.
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I vote for Davisville. There are lots of cute restaurants and shops and things in the area between Davisville and Eglinton subway stations.
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If you just want easy, there's a big Starbucks right across from Davisville subway station.
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Davisville if just a meal. St. Clair if they also want to shop.
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Best answer: Davisville has a lot less traffic, specifically on the west side of Yonge (where Davisville is actually Chaplin Crescent). That stretch of Chaplin, especially on a Sunday afternoon, is dead dead dead. If I'm arranging a pickup on that part of town, the corner of Chaplin and Duplex is an easy corner to hop in/out of cars.

Either stop has a selection of restaurants and purlgurly is right: Davisville is more small restaurants with some personality while St Clair is larger, chain-type places.

(Also keep in mind if "next Sunday" means this upcoming Sunday the 26th, there are a slew of road closures in town. Nothing as far north as Davisville, but the Lakeshore and parts of Bay and University/Queen's Park will be closed south of Bloor at different times this weekend.)
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Best answer: Davisville is easier - there's less foot and car traffic, and you can make left turns. If they're driving, they could park on Duplex, one block west of Yonge. As flipper says, Chaplin and Duplex is a good corner to hop in/out. Lots of restaurants on Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton. Tabule does great Lebanese. Jaipur Grille does good Indian. Grano does good Italian. Quince has great food. Other good options include Five Doors North and Zucca, all within a 5 minute walk of each other.
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I second the rec for Grano
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