The Harvard Classics
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Dad has a bookcase of Harvard Classics ( his dad bought in 1910. Would like to give them to someone or an organization. They're not too rare; plenty on ebay. I'm googled out. Don't want to throw them away. Thanks.
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Uh...I'll take them?

But seriously, contact your local public library. They may want them or may know a library that does. You might also consider contacting a local homeschooling organization. A fair number of homeschoolers are all about classical models of education, for which the Harvard Classics are basically a collection of textbooks.
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Find a high school with a "Great Books" course or a prison library and donate them. To find the former, I'd start by asking someone at the Great Books Foundation, and for the latter, I'd contact a program like Books Through Bars, which is local to NYC.
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Yes, I'd take them too, and pay for shipping of course. I'd bet you could find a worthy recipient by posting on craigslist.
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FreeCycle them.
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Detention centers often accept donations like this. The classic series would be on the "approved reading" list (or should be). State and Federal funding for these centers often don't provide enough money to purchase books for the detainee, so they rely heavily on donations.
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Thanks all, I already called NY Public Library and they don't want them, trying Freecycle now
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