It's time to smile.
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Can you help me figure out the key/chords for Xavier Rudd's "Time to Smile"?

I adore this song and want to learn to play/sing it on acoustic guitar, but I suck at transcription. Can you please help me figure out how to make this song work on one guitar?

(Chordie and the like are turning up empty on this particular song.)
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Sounds like most of it goes B F# G#m E.
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Intro:        B    F#   G#m    E
              B    F#   G#m    E
Verse:        B    F#   G#m    E
              B    F# E B      -
Short chorus: E    F#   B      -
Long chorus:  E    F#   B      -
              E    F#   B      -
              G#m  F#   B      -
              E    F#   B      -
Bridge:       G#m  F# E B      -
              G#m  F# E B      -
              E    F#   G#m    F#
              E    F#   B      -
              B    F#   G#m    E
              B    F#   G#m    E
Long chorus

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(Depending on your facility with guitar, you may want to transpose it up a semitone so you can play it with mostly open chords, in which case B becomes C, F# becomes G, G#m becomes Am, and E becomes F.,)
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Or if you put a capo on the fourth fret, you can play G D Em C.
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