Save my poor jumper?
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Help me save my lovely 60s-style jumper! (Bonus points for London-based solutions.)

I have a beautiful wool (I think) jumper/sweater thing that I was given. Unfortunately, it has several holes in it, from moths, I think. Some are small, some are a bit larger—not huge. The person who gave me it basically said 'You can have it because I'll never be able to fix it.' It looks almost exactly like this, but it isn't that brand. The design and the colors match, though.

I know this will be really hard to fix. There are holes in the white bit, the red bit, and the blue bit. I know it will be hard to match the wool. I've read that apparently jumpers can be rewoven, but I'm not really sure how to find a place that will do that for me. The price doesn't really matter right now—I just want to save it before it deteriorates further. It's a beautiful jumper and I have some emotional attachment to it as well, so I really will do whatever I can to save it. I'd rather not try and mend it myself--I'm no good at this sort of thing and I know I'd never be able to fix it the way that I want.

I'm in London, so if anyone knows a clothing repair place that would do this sort of thing, please let me know. I was thinking of maybe just taking it to Savile Row and trying to find a place, but I'm not sure if I could find somewhere there that would do this sort of thing. I'm also deathly afraid it will get damaged – I've always hand-washed it, as I was told it would shrink in the wash.

I'm kind of desperate, so I'll follow up on any suggestions – thank you, MeFi!
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Best answer: You can probably have it rewoven; it's expensive and time consuming but as long as the holes aren't too large, you can probably find a place to do it. The gauge looks very fine in the similar sweater you linked - that will make it more expensive.

Here's a possibility.
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It's almost definitely wool if moths have eaten it and if it would shrink in the wash. You might try a knitting shop and see if someone there could help you or suggest someone who could. They might try to felt over the holes using matching yarn or could maybe duplicate-stitch or darn over those areas.
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Best answer: You could try the Cashmere Clinic even if it is wool. Details in Timeout (it doesn't have a website).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I am going to take it to the place peachfuzz mentioned and get an estimate. If I don't use them, I might try the Cashmere Clinic (wow, low-key operation, huh?) I have hope for my jumper now!
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