GTD: permanently display google tasks todo list on my wall (next to corkboard)
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what sort of device can I buy to show my google tasks next to a corkboard, so I see them on my way out the door? do any photo frames do wireless sync? my first thought was a cheap old itouch, but the screen is tiny, and it does more than I need. low power use would also be a plus (i.e. not a laptop or cheap desktop with wall mounted monitor, which I also thought of - I do have an extra 17" sitting around) I could consider switching to another tasks app if required for the best solution, though I do enjoy gtasks in gmail and calendar.
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I've set my homepage to -- simple, lightweight task management with a mobile version and an API. This way you only need to bring your phone to the grocery store..
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A digital picture frame and some kind of script to move a screengrab of your tasks to the picture frame x times per day?
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Repurposing an old screen and junk PC is probably closer to 'low power' than any solution involving purchasing new hardware.
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There are now a lot of cheapo Android tablets available out of China, for example:

They'd not be a great general purpose tablet device yet due to a few limitations but for your intended use they should do fine (and there's probably even a homescreen widget for showing your task list...)
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Here's a more or less complete DIY solution for ~$150.
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I don't know if you will have a computer close enough to make this feasible (perhaps, since you are considering repurposing a 17") but ThinkGeek sells these cool little USB monitors for between $99 and $129, depending on the size and need for touchscreen input capabilities.

The cool thing is that the video card is built in, so it only needs a USB connection to a machine, which might be able to be accomplished with extension cables.
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Response by poster: I've got a monitor already, so a mini-monitor doesn't help much. Any suggestions for how to stick an RSS-reading-1024x768-outputting chip on the back of that monitor on the cheap?
A junk PC + monitor would use on the order of 200-300 watts, no?
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What about a netbook, like the original eee? Low power, pretty small, vga out and you can set them up to run closed. Looks like around $100 on ebay.
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