Sarah McLachlan in Dallas 2010
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Does anyone know of a Sarah McLachlan special event in Dallas Texas around the 1st of November 2010? Not talking about the concert tour event, but some special fan event or something. It was mentioned on 102.9 FM in the last couple of days.
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Are you talking about the Q&A session she'll be doing during the concert? Here's an article that mentions it. Looks like fans will be able to submit questions before the concert and she'll answer some of them on stage.
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Call the station?
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Response by poster: No- it was mentioned as a "listener lounge" on 102.9 FM. Some sort of small, acoustic event is what I was hoping...
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The type of thing that you mention is generally a radio-station promotional appearance for which one has to win tickets. Have you made inquiries on the forum on the Sarah McLachlan site? Or called the radio station?
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Best answer: their facebook page has more info:

MIX 102.9 DFW Keep it on Mix all weekend long for your chance to see Sarah McLachlan live - twice! You’ll grab two tickets to her show on Monday, November 1st @ Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie AND 2 passes into our invitation-only listener lounge performance earlier that day --- only 30 people will be in attendance and you’ll be one of them! Brought to you by Arista Records

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