Looking for a squeeze machine
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I've been reading about Temple Grandin's "squeeze machine," and I would really like to use it. (More info about what it is here.) Are there any places in the NYC area where I could?
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As a person with an autistic spectrum disorder, I'm told most of us are referred to the technique by a specialist psychologist. Not sure how you'd go about it elsewise.
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I am not a therapist/doctor/Temple Grandin expert (though I did enjoy her books). So don't listen to me.

Well, if anyone would have something like that I would bet on a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in sensory integration. No, I don't know any. Or, you could look up companies likely to make such thing and call them. Try to find an occupational therapy supply catalog online to find the appropriate vendor.

There are simple ways to apply pressure at home that are less intense than the "squeeze machine." You probably already know about them. Foam rollers are great. They're like those Styrofoam pool noodles only thicker and firmer. Roll on the foam thing on the floor to provide pressure to a specific part of your body. Weighted blankets are popular but expensive. I would try putting a cheap 10 lb. bag of rice on my lap before springing for a blanket but that's just me. Or, request a firm bear hug from a friend. Or try swimming. The hydrostatic pressure (pressure of the water on your body) often is soothing to people.

Hmm, I think my friends mom works at school with a "roller machine." From what I understand it's similar to those roller slides you probably went down as a child. Except this contraption has two layers of roller bars that a person slides in between. Not what you're looking for, I know. Just a thought.
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My friend used to be a special ed teacher, and their go-to for the autistic kids was a plain old foam and vinyl gym mat. Just rolled them on up in there.
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Response by poster: Oh, these are all great ideas. And I am learning how to swim!
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There are weighted vests that are used in therapy for sensory processing disorder, etc. - all the models shown at that link are kids but there are adult-sized ones for athletes looking to get a harder workout and I'd think they're essentially the same thing.
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This site sells lycra body hugging devices; hammocks, body socks, swings....
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If you have a suitable bed you can try laying down _under_ the mattress, too.
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Latex vacuum bed. Google tells me they run about 400$ to 600$, but being in NYC you can certainly find a goth or BDSM club which has demos (ask about vendor demos).
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There's a traveling exhibit by Wendy Jacob and Temple Grandin with squeeze chairs that visitors can use; it was in Boston in different versions in 1998 and 2007, and has also been in Madison, Kansas City, and Champaign. Jacob's faculty page lists her previous exhibitions.
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How about wearing a full-body wetsuit? And then you can go swimming in it for extra sensory feedback.
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