Pool Media to one directory?
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Is there a way I can make Vegas Pro 9.0 Pool all media used in a project into a single directory?

I had to make a video for my First Robotics team, I borrowed my coaches Hard drive which had a ton of pictures and video on it, I also have a folder on my desktop where I put good pictures and video that I found skimming through the files. Then I have various other folders that I took media from...

Its a mess! My coach wants his HDD back but I can't just give it back to him or else I won't be able to edit the video again. I want that stupid folder off my desktop because I like it very minimalistic. I'm probably going to be making small adjustments to the videos here and there so I don't want to lose my project all together.

So I'm wondering, is there a way that I can tell Vegas to make a copy of everything it used and put it all into one folder and update all the file locations to that folder? I really don't want to have to figure out where all the clips I used and play file hunt. :/

Let me know, thanks :D :D
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"Save As…" & check "Copy media with project".
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Response by poster: gaa i realized I never said thankyou.

Yea I was just about to go through all my media and pick out everything that i used.

Thanks! :D
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