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I need some recommendations on software or process for mounting ISO files to play installed games in a preschool environment.

My sons preschool has a stack of preschool level game CDs. They have 4 PCs, (Win2K) and they swap physical CDs every month or so to set up the games for the kids to play.

I am trying to remove the physical CD element. I have created ISO files, and can mount them, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any software that would list out the ISO files, and mount them with a double-click for example...something simple that a non-PC literate classroom helper (adult) could figure out.

I was thinking of taking it a step further and installing the games through something like Cameyo to automatically mount the CD and put the icon on the desktop.

I can do all of this manually, but I'm thinking if there is a better way to automate the process.

Any thoughts?
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It's called Daemon Tools, and it's both free and awesome. It creates a virtual optical drive which will mount images as if they were physical CDs. The interface is pretty obvious, and if you put all of your ISOs in a single directory and name them appropriately, any tyro can get this going with a minimum of training.
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Seconding daemon tools. It was a critical tool for me when I was in the Windows world. The "lite" version is free. There also shell extensions available so that you can just double click an iso to mount it.
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I personally stopped using Daemon tools a few years ago, the included adware was fairly intrusive and then lots of rumors of spyware started appearing - I'm not certain what the current state is.

Virtual Clonedrive is what I use now. I have never had any problems with it, and the default install seems to allow ISOs to be mounted with a double click from an explorer window.
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