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A couple of months ago, I saw a top that I absolutely loved being sold on both ModCloth and ShopRuche. But I (stupidly) didn't go to buy it until it was permanently out of stock. Please help me find this foxy red top!

Here is the cache page of the blouse. I've contacted both ModCloth and ShopRuche, and both do not have (or were not able to give me) the name of the original maker. Both sites have sold (or are selling) a similar top in black and/or red of the same pattern, but the style is very different than this one. Though the pattern is just as cute, stylistically it's not what I'm interested in. I'm in love with the cinched waist, boatneck one.

I feel silly asking this, but this is one time where I must have and find this top! Might anyone know if this is being sold on another site by another retailer? Or who makes it? My currently drab wardrobe thanks you in advance.
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This would be so, so easy to make. I suggest Etsy Alchemy or going down to a boutique fabric shop in your area (so, not Joann's or Hobby Lobby) and asking if there is anyone they know of who takes commission work. You could probably buy fabric + have it made for a little more than the retail price of the top.
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The new style is incredibly similar! Buy it (in the largest size you can find?) and take it to a tailor with a picture of the old one. To me it looks as easy as taking off the black parts, tweaking the neck, and adding an elastic to the waist - you could do it at home if you have basic sewing skills.
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i'm not understanding why they couldn't give you the name of the manufacturer. they have the other top in stock so i don't know why they couldn't look up the information on that top and tell you who made it. that just seems ludicrous to me.
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Response by poster: peachfuzz -- I would do that or try alchemy if I could find the *exact* fabric! I've searched a little bit for it but admit haven't searched very thoroughly. Might try etsy as a last resort in case some super smart people there know where to find the pattern. Hmmm...

crabintheocean - I thought about that, but I'm not too crazy about the thick black border (or pocket) on the other style of the red version. If you take the border off, it would make the top super cropped, which alas, I just can't pull off.

violetk - shopruche would not tell me the name of the manufacturer. they pretty much ignored that part of my inquiry, instead giving alternate suggestions. modcloth lists a lot of their manufacturers on their site - i've been through their published brand list with no luck. they said that they flat out "don't have a brand name available" for this blouse. :-\
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The reality is, if it's been a few months and it is no longer being sold by the outlets you've seen it in, it's not likely to be available. Fashion production runs are very short-lived, so it's unlikely the manufacturer will have made any more past the first run. And a print like that isn't the sort of thing that a fabric manufacturer is going to continue to make over and over again, either.

Your best is probably to find another print you do like and have someone make it for you.

Perhaps you could have an artist recreate the style of the print and have some fabric custom run for you by Spoonflower
and then have it made from that.

By that point, you're getting into serious cash outlay, but it's likely the closest you'll get at this point, unless you luck into someone who has a used one they're willing to sell to you.

If it is still out there on the intarwebs, perhaps a reverse image search might find it?
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