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The maximum volume on my new iPod touch is down to around 80% after the upgrade to iOS 4.1. Help?

The maximum volume is nowhere near as loud as it used to be after the upgrade. Have any of you faced this problem? Any advice as to how I can fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Just check that you don't have the "soundcheck" option switched on - cos this makes it quieter...
posted by Chrysalis at 5:15 AM on September 14, 2010

Response by poster: Soundcheck is off, volume limit is off, EQ is off.
posted by murtagh at 5:17 AM on September 14, 2010

Best answer: It may have been a move by Apple to squeeze a little more battery life out of the products, in which case you would need to downgrade to an older version of the firmware to get your volume back. If you're regularly listening at maximum volume however you might benefit from adding an external headphone amp; if you have decent headphones and high-quality mp3s your music will probably sound better too.
posted by bizwank at 9:38 AM on September 14, 2010

Response by poster: Thanks, bizwank. Will look into getting a portable headphone amp. The FiiO E5 looks good.
posted by murtagh at 12:48 AM on September 15, 2010

I have the E3 and it makes an amazing difference with my Sennheiser HD280 Pro's.
posted by bizwank at 5:35 PM on September 16, 2010

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