Do you know this movie from these few details?
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Okay, I am trying to figure out what this movie is. If you know it please let me know. Sorry for the scant amount of details. The movie would be made in 1987 or earlier. It is a sci fi or horror that has a scene where a man comes into a room and sees a woman being sucked into an orb. He then kills another man who has the orb who bleeds green (I think) blood. That is all I've got.
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Phantasm 2?
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When I think "orb," I think Phantasm (or one of its sequels).
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As mentioned above, any horror fan hearing "orb" is likely to think Phantasm.

The first was released in 1979, and the second in 1988 (with two more in the 90s). The orbs were softball sized, and shiny, reflective metal. The villain of the films, the infamous "Tall Man" bleeds yellow.
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I saw Phantasm when I was a little 80s kid, and the only things I remember were being majorly grossed out, a flying orb with knives sticking out of it that flies into somebody's forehead, and some other guy whose hand gets stuck in a door and yellow blood starts coming out of it. I think my old brother had rented the video, or it was on TV - I did not see it in the theater.
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My first thought was Phantasm too, but could it be one of the Hellraiser movies? It would have been a cube in that case, rather than an orb, though. I have a vague memory of something like this in (possibly) the second Hellraiser film.
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Could that be Heavy Metal?
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Are you sure it was a movie or could it have been a Twilight Zone episode or a show along those lines?
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Heavy Metal

This is my guess as well. The orb glows green and is called the Loc-Nar. It is pure evil and typically causes bad things to happen to people who try to posses it.

One segment is a scene where a girl finds it after it has melted her father into a gooey green puddle.

The last segment of this movie has people corrupted by its influence who turn green and bleed green blood.

Made in 1981 and it was animated if that helps. Midnight movie staple.
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Yes, it must be Phantasm! Thanks!
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