I would like to consider "Consider the Lobster" some more.
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Are the letters to the editor published in Gourmet magazine in response to "Consider the Lobster" available online?

I remember when this essay was published in Gourmet, and I remember the letters to the editor that followed. I'm teaching this essay in a freshman comp class and I would really like to be able to show some of these responses to the kids. My Google-fu is failing me. Does anyone know if I might be able to find them online, and where?

I'm sure I had the magazines they were published in, but tossed them when I moved across the country last year, g.d. it.
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Well, this may not be helpful, but Consider the Lobster was published in the August, 2004 edition. If the letters appeared in the October, 2004 edition, it may be relatively easy to find a print edition (here, for example) because that month includes the annual restaurant review.

Plus, that tidbit may mean some friendly MeFite finds and scans said magazine for you...
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I have a print edition (Oct. 2004) here in hand, but it's gonna be another 40 minutes before I can get to a scanner.
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Best answer: OK, I mussed it up the first time, hence the delay, but here's both pages of letters re Consider the Lobster from Gourmet Oct. 2004:

Page 1
Page 2

I checked the Nov. issue too since the Oct. introductory note says they received tons of letters about the essay, but there weren't any more printed.
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Also, to actually answer the front-facing question, it looks as though InfoTrack has 2 years plus current year of full-text available for Gourmet, so no, those letters from 2004 wouldn't necessarily be available elsewhere online. 2008-current should be though, through your local library's online database.
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Response by poster: You are wonderful, Carsonb! Thank you so much!
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Nice job. Thoroughly enjoyed reading that.
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I like the letter with footnotes.
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So do I.1

1So does my vegan boyfriend, who suggested I read "Consider the Lobster" in the first place.
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And just to be servicey, a quick Google yields the original article in question at the Gourmet site, in case your curiosity was piqued, as mine was: Consider the Lobster.
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Terrific! I teach the article, and my kids will love reading the letters--valuable assistance in understanding the context in which the original article was published. Hilarious.
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Now I'm curious about that wineglass article.
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Wineglass article: Shattered Myths
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