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I would like to watch a movie in a small box that would be constantly on top of Photoshop, so I can work at the same time. I would like a minimal frame, without all the menus and commands. What's the best player for this purpose?
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I would think VLC should fit the bill nicely
posted by alaijmw at 1:58 PM on September 10, 2010

Yeah, VLC has a minimal view setting as well as a 'keep on top of other windows' setting. A++ would recommend.
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VLC. Fire it up, switch to minimal view (View > Minimal View) and then (Video > Always on Top).
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I use VLC for this sort of thing.
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not only that, VLC will take care of most codec problems you will ever have. really, if it's a media player question, the answer is VLC. it takes some monkeying in the settings to get it to act exactly like you want it to, but once it's set, it is damn near perfect.
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You are great! Thank you, I'm downloading it right now:)
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it is damn near perfect

Near, but not completely. If you're running a Microsoft operating system, I prefer Media Player Classic because it has less resource overhead than VLC.
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funny you say that - we have VLC and media player classic - i prefer MPC for ease and VLC for precision.
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