itchless poison ivy
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Is there such a thing as a poison ivy rash that doesn't itch? (gross details inside)

I have a super gross rash in between my first and big toe, it started with 2 big blisters and now its a big raised area with lots of tiny blisters on each toe. It itches a bit sometimes, but never really a lot. Does not itch at all right now. It's been there for about 4 days now, it was getting worse but now seems to have plateaued? But not getting better.

I've been wearing sandals but I live in an urban area, it's not like I've been in woods or even grass. And how could I just get it between my toes? I'm worried that it isn't poison ivy and is something even more disgusting. Any ideas?

(I can go to the doctor if I have to, but it's hard to get out of work.)
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Sounds more like athlete's foot to me.
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Probably just athlete's foot. Lots of things at the drugstore you can spray on or massage in. Try that for a week, then reassess. Poison ivy/oak itches like a bastard. You'd not be questioning if you had that.
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It could be any number of things- allergic dermatitis, fungal infection, but it certainly doesn't sound like poison ivy, since you haven't come into contact with any (so why then is that your gut reaction?).

Go to the doctor. You knew that's what "we" would say, didn't you?
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poison ivy can look different on different people. i don't get a rash where i touched it, i get swollen shut eyes and lips and throat followed by a rash all over my body. i can get this reaction by being around burning wood that once had poison ivy on it.

i agree that it sounds like athletes foot, though.
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You can get chlortrimizol over the counter. Start with that.
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Poison Ivy is weird. People get all sorts of reactions to it, from none at all to symptoms far away from where they touched it. However: it does sound like athlethe's foot, but it could also be generic allergies. I know someone who is allergic to grass and will get congested if she walks over a freshly-cut lawn.
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Could be an allergic reaction to a lotion or even your sandals. Go see a dermatologist - they can prescribe magic cream for it.
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