HRM management software suggestions: Do you have any?
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What HRM Management software suggestions do you have? What sort of stuff should I keep in mind when choosing this kind of software?

I work as an HR assistant for a mid-sized high-tech company in the EU. At the moment, we're still stuck in the "small company" mentality and do everything (calculation of time-off, salary calculations, etc) in Excel.

I've been tasked with finding HRM software to get this project off the ground. But when I look online there are a million options and little information aside from a ton of buzzwords.

So, I thought I'd turn to you guys. What HRM software can you reccomend?

Here are our needs:

* Keep track of employee history (salary, raises, changes in title, etc)
* Have a linked calendar/reminder system
* Have a way to manage archives as attachment
* Keep track of absences, etc.

I think it's pretty basic and all packages tend to offer the same thing, but I could really use some human opinion.

Thanks, Mefi.
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no specific suggestion, but check out
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I've never used it, and I've never administrated it, or even looked at using it, but it seems like Peoplesoft is what every HR dept I've ever applied through uses. My expectation is that software this pervasive in the enterprise is face meltingly bad.
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I used to live deep in this world, and don't miss it.

The company I worked for in the early 2000's used FileMaker Pro for its HRIS, and there was honestly very little between that and the large enterprise systems. There may be emerging players in the web space now that web apps have really come of age, but I suspect they're not solving a lot of common pain points (payroll integration, compliance/regulatory changes, "special flower" rules and exceptions in your company).

Have you spoken to your payroll provider? I know that companies like ADP and Paychex have online portals for managers and employees, and more and more of them were getting into the HR space as well.
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Try Orange HRM. IT seems to be doing well.
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Ohh did I mention that it's open source (free!!!)
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