Need good recommendation for an external monitor
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Can I get a good computer monitor recommendation?

I'm going to buy a Macbook pro pretty soon, and an external monitor to go with it. But when it comes to these pieces of gear, I have no idea what I'm looking at. I figure some readers must have researched these pretty recently, and I'd love a bit of advice.


*Reasonable picture quality, text crispness, etc.
*Reasonably suitable for games (never really gamed before, but I've seen a few I might like to try)
*A good, modern set of connections (DVI and HDMI, I guess?)
*Good value for the money


*Can be rotated into portrait mode
*A built-in USB hub
*Good aesthetics


*Integrated web-cam

Thanks for any guidance you can give! I'm not even sure what the "normal" resolution is for monitors these days -- is it 1920x1080?
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I use and recommend the Dell 2209WA monitors, which are 1680 x 1050px, but have IPS panels which have superior color rendition. There is a slightly larger version of this monitor that has higher resolution. They are cheap if you wait for a sale like this one. That's about $500 less than other comparable IPS panels.
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Best answer: The 23", 1980x1080, IPS Dell U2311H can sometimes be had for around $250. As for everything Dell, look for deals.

Oh, and the new hotness in connections DisplayPort (your Macbook will have a miniDisplayPort).
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I'm partial to Samsung SyncMasters, myself. That's pretty much all I'll ever buy, monitorwise.
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I own a Samsung SyncMaster as well, and I enjoy it very much. I would second it.
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I absolutely LOVE my LG Flatron wide screen monitor 23". It can't be rotated, but the color depth and crispness are amazing. Really, I don't think you can go wrong with any member of the Flatron line - I own two.
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I use a 21.5" Dell SX2210 with my MacBook. It's full HD 1920x1080 but slightly smaller than most other screens that resolution so it has a noticeably higher pixel density, which I like. Can't be rotated though I'm afraid.
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Best answer: Dell has a sub-section of its site, Dell Outlet (I think this is the link) that sells monitors for ridiculously cheap. I got a superb 22" monitor with built in webcam for about $179.
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Response by poster: Good info everyone. I'm checking out reviews for all of the above as we speak, to get an idea as to what would be best for me. Thank you all very much!
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Response by poster: All right, MUCH later, and after much research helped out by the answers above, I've settled on the Dell U2211H, or it's slightly larger and more expensive brother, the Dell U2311H. Just leaving this note here in case someone else researching this issue comes across it. Thank you! - aj
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