Sake-bombing in Manhattan
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My friend's 24th birthday in Manhattan. We want to go sake-bombing for a sloppy good time.

I know there are places that offer deals like $30 for endless sake or $40 for endless sushi and sake, etc.

What I don't know, however is which are good deals at fun environments. We'll probably be loud and a pretty big group (~15-20), so what places in Manhattan do you recommend?

I'd love to hear:
-the type of "special" that would apply to a sake-bombing group
-the atmosphere (comfortable for big, noisy groups, and hopefully strong A/C)
-the price
-the location (we'll be gathering at 26th and Park beforehand, so bonus points for places around there, but I'd still like to see some choices from all over)
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I've always had a good time at this place . Not sure if they really had great "endless sake" deals, but that's because I can't remember much about the logistical details. Just good times in a total madhouse.
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New Ashiya on 1st Ave between 10th and 11th streets was $29.95 all you can eat and drink for 2hrs, and it is ROWDY. I am pretty sure you can get a reservation for a group of your size, too.
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